International Relations Office

International Relations Office

     International Relations Office coordinates international activities within International Institute of Business Education. The responsibilities of the International Relations Office include coordination of international cooperation (especially as regards international educational cooperation programs) and student and teacher exchange, negotiation and updating of the international cooperation agreements, as well as communication concerning international affairs within the institute.

    Nowadays, international contacts of MIBO are carried out with the universities and organizations of the Northern areas of the world and mainly the neighbouring countries – Norway, Finland and Sweden. The list of partners can be found in the section “International Partners”.

The Staff



         Elena Skiotis                                     Svetlana Kuskova                              Mikhail Kosmynin

Head of the Department, PhD              International Project Manager, PhD            International Coordinator

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Contact Us

Address: office 23, 3-a, Oktyabrskaya ulitsa, Murmansk, 183038, Russia

Working hours: Monday-Friday, 09:00 am - 05:00 pm.

Tel.: +7 8152 45 88 32. E-mail:  

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